Laser Hair Removal: It's Easier Than Ever

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The average person spends a lot of time shaving, waxing and plucking to get rid of unwanted body hair. Now imagine what it would be like to kick those time-consuming habits to the curb, and instead devote all that time to doing something you actually enjoy? With laser hair removal at Mountain Medical Arts, it’s absolutely possible to get rid of unwanted hair, and thanks to the ICON® laser system, now it’s easier and more comfortable than ever. Here’s how it works.

How laser energy stops hair growth

Laser energy is super focused, and the heat emitted by the laser device goes right to the tiny follicles where it’s absorbed by the hair shaft. The amount of heat isn’t enough to damage your skin, but it is enough to damage the follicle permanently. That’s what prevents future hair growth. To really understand how laser hair removal works, you need to understand the hair growth process. Your hair grows in three stages:

Laser hair removal is most effective when it treats hairs in the active growth stage (the anagen phase) and, to a lesser degree, in the catagen phase. In the anagen phase, the hair is still fully connected to the root (which in turn is connected to the blood supply and other “support systems”). When laser energy is absorbed by the hair at this stage, it goes directly to the root, damaging the cells and halting the hair growth process so future hair growth cannot occur in that follicle.

Also during the anagen phase, your hair contains the maximum amount of melanin or pigment. It’s this pigment that absorbs the laser energy and works to “heat up” the root and the follicle.  In the catagen phase, the root is already beginning to “disconnect” from the hair shaft, which means there’s less opportunity for the laser energy to actually “shut down” hair production permanently in the follicle.

What to expect during laser hair removal treatment

The ICON laser system uses adjustable technology to help customize your treatment based on your hair type and other factors. Depending on the area that’s being treated, your session could take up to an hour. Laser hair removal typically feels like the snapping of a rubber band, and while it may be uncomfortable, the level of discomfort is absolutely tolerable. If your skin is very sensitive, we can apply a topical numbing cream before your treatment to help you stay comfortable.

The laser energy is emitted from a handheld device that’s passed over your skin. The laser light is very bright, and you’ll be given goggles to wear to protect your eyes during your treatment. Once your session is over, you can reduce any residual warmth or discomfort with ice packs.

Laser hair removal can produce noticeable results after just one session, but since treatment works best on hairs in the anagen phase, you’ll probably need a series of sessions to make sure every hair is treated at the right time. There’s no downtime after laser hair removal, but you should provide extra sun protection in the area since your skin will be especially sensitive to the sun’s rays.

Get ready for smoother, sexier skin

Why spend countless hours of your life shaving, plucking and waxing when just a few laser hair removal treatment sessions can get rid of hair for good? At Mountain Medical Arts, we work with every client to make sure their treatments are customized for optimal results. To learn more about laser hair removal or to schedule your treatment session, book an appointment online today.

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