Start the New Year Right With Habits That Promote Healthy Aging

While it’s hard to predict the future, one thing you can be sure of is that you’ll get older. That may sound trite, but the progression of time is unavoidable, and the effects of age on your body are sometimes predictable. You know, for example, that a child’s baby teeth fall out, that puberty starts in your early teens, and so on through a normal life cycle.

At Mountain Medical Arts, when we talk about wellness and healthy aging, we’re really discussing preventive maintenance for your body. Just as oil changes and lubrication can extend the trouble-free life of a vehicle, there are things you can do now and at any age that contribute to better overall health with reduced risks for early onset of conditions associated with aging.

Committing to a healthy new year

The promise of a new start on Jan. 1 leads many people to consider positive changes they can make to improve their lives. Common resolutions include saving more money, watching less television, and health-related tasks like quitting smoking or getting more exercise. Perhaps it’s time to consider a resolution that addresses healthy aging.

Health concerns for older people

Regardless of your current age and health, your risk for developing some diseases increases with the passage of time. Arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, depression, cancer, and dementia are just a few conditions that climb in risk merely because you’re older. When you add inherited genetic traits or behavioral risk factors, you may be even more likely to suffer a health downturn as you get older.

Protecting your future health

When patients receive a health scare such as a heart attack or a diagnosis of hypertension or diabetes, they frequently start a program of lifestyle change that includes healthy eating and increased activity. These lifestyle aspects are so pervasive in the treatment of age-related health conditions that it’s no surprise they form a large part of healthy aging even for those who haven’t yet faced a similar diagnosis.

It’s easy to be overexposed to the “diet and exercise” message, particularly with the misinformation that often accompanies the latest health fad, but there’s little secret to method or importance. Consider that people with heart conditions can improve their health by losing weight, eating a diet of simple, fresh foods including plenty of vegetables and fruit, and adding 30 minutes of moderate activity to their daily routine.

Someone with hypertension can lower their blood pressure level using the same changes. A Type 2 diabetic can reduce blood glucose levels with these lifestyle techniques, too. In fact, healthy eating and increased activity are drug-free ways to improve many conditions, including atherosclerosis, some forms of arthritis, and risk of stroke, while at the same time contributing to the prevention of neurological conditions and mood disorders.

Start your prevention now

There’s no need to wait for an upsetting diagnosis. Your caregivers at Mountain Medical Arts can help you develop an effective and realistic healthy aging strategy that includes dietary improvements, activity analysis, and, perhaps most importantly, a medical partnership that aids your journey toward a healthy and happy time later in life.

Contact Mountain Medical Arts by phone or through the “Request Appointment” tool at the top of this page. The time to start is now, so book your consultation today.

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